Q & A

How long do the classes typically run?

The length of the class depends on which one you are participating in. Most tend to run 8 hours with classroom and range time.

What do I need to bring to the class?

You will receive a notebook for the classroom portion. Bring a pen to take notes. If the class involves range time, you need to bring a pistol and around 150 rounds of ammunition for that pistol. Some of the classes will require that you have a holster for your firearm. Also, you’ll need to supply lunch, snacks and beverages.

In what order should the classes be taken?

If you have never handled a firearm or it’s been many years. You should start with Firearm Fundamentals. After you become comfortable with your firearm, the progression is:

  • Basics of pistol shooting
  • Personal protection inside the home
  • Personal protection outside the home
  • Range Safety Officer

Will I be able to get my CCW after taking these classes?

You should at least take Basics of Pistol Shooting, so you are comfortable with your firearm. To get a CCW (concealed carry permit), you must take a course offered by an authorized instructor. This course includes classroom time learning the current laws for Clark County and Nevada and then range time for shooting qualification.

Where will these classes be held?

The classroom portion will be held at 5375 Cameron, Suite O, Las Vegas, NV 89118. The range time will be at various ranges throughout Clark County.

How should I store my firearms?

Be sure to store your firearms unloaded and cleared. Make sure they are inaccessible to unauthorized persons. You can use gun lock boxes or gun safes.