Why Choose Sight Shooter

Sight Shooter has small classes which helps give you individualized attention so that you are able to learn and practice the presented concepts. The fewer participants helps to make each class safe for all involved.

About Me

A few years ago, I ran across a company offering an NRA class called Women on Target. I decided to take the course since my husband had two pistols and I felt that I should know how to use them. He still has his two pistols and let’s just say I have a few more than that. Since that first course, I have taken many other trainings and continue to do so. Shooting is a skill that needs to be practiced. There is always something more to learn to become more confident and skilled. I bring what I have learned to my courses.

I am an NRA certified instructor in the following:

I also am an instructor and coach for the Annie Oakley Women's Shooting Program sponsored by the Nevada Firearms Coalition.